IVF Department

About us:
We extend our warm welcome to visitors of the infertility website of the Subspecialty Razavi Hospital and we are grateful that you have chosen this center for seeking information about treatment methods.
Wishing the expedient recovery and treatment of you, here we introduce the Infertility Treatment Center of Razavi Hospital:
Thanks to the graces of holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS), this center was founded in 2009 by a team of specialists including a gynecology, urology and embryology who had been trained in specialized infertility treatment and ART courses in Munder clinic, Germany. It was established and launched with the most advanced ART technology and equipment. Since then, many qualified specialists in the city of Mashhad including infertility therapists and experienced psychologists have been working with this center. Using the latest infertility treatment techniques, and with a success rate matching that of the leading ART centers in the world, this unit has been able to help realize aspirations of many infertile couples for childbearing. 
The main goal of Razavi Hospital Infertility Center is to provide a safe environment in conformity with Islamic principles for the treatment of couples' infertility.
With advanced equipment, a well-trained medical staff, a comforting and secure environment and patient-oriented policy, this center is committed to provide top-notch services to domestic and international customers from around the world. 
Another purpose of this unit is to provide favorable conditions for healthy childbearing without any genetic defects, which is top on the agenda of this clinic. 

1- The Subspecialty Infertility Clinic in the ground floor of Razavi Hospital provides services such as reception and admission as well as vaginal ultrasound. This ward offers services to patients from 8 to 12 in the morning shift of working days. For the completion of your file, it is recommended to bring with you the results of hormonal tests, spermogram test and a color image of uterus. 
IVF ward and operating rooms: IVF center is on the second floor of the first phase of Razavi Hospital and includes: 
A. A room equipped with sound proofing doors that creates a suitable environment for couples to collect sperm samples.
B. An operating room with the most advanced ultrasound devices and special beds.
C. A recovery room consisting of 9 beds equipped with monitoring, central oxygen and suction, which offers post-operative cares to patients along with individual instructions that are given via educational videos by a nurse or midwife.
The IVF specialized laboratory is located in the IVF ward (second floor of the first phase of Razavi Hospital).